Why Might Astrologers Have A Bad Effect On Them When Reading Other People’s Horoscopes?


I was wondering always about it, why old/wise people say that Astrologers may experience bad effects when reading another person’s horoscopes. Today I had a thought about it so I am sharing it here.

In the natural Zodiac, SATURN is the karma karaka. By nature, he records the past deeds and punishes for the sins (in other words, makes people REALIZE) during SADE SATHI (7 1/2 years SATURN Transit) and / or SATURN DASA. Astrology will guide people beforehand on the events and the nature of the events; the When, How and Where it happens.

Since SATURN is the time keeper and teacher, it pushes people to the limits emotionally, mentally and physically. Astrology/Astrologers will take the leverage of guiding people with the Divine help (Unless they are blessed, they cannot give accurate predictions alone.) They guide people to be patient, calm, and hopeful by revealing future events of life regarding the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, HOW, etc. All of which are against the ‘Master SATURN’ teachings of making the people impatient, loosing hope, having a stressful living during his tenure / dasa / transit..thus interfering with his job.

Obviously, no one likes this (This is since he is SINCERE and RESPONSIBLE). For this reason, Saturn may become angry with the astrologers/spiritual people who guide others and have an effect on them later. For this reason, every astrologer should take time to have a ‘Spiritual living’ by meditating/japa/mantra/upasana & doing remedies(Dana) for them self...which can save them during their hard time.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: This makes sense. Is there something astrologers can do to prevent feeling the effect of an angry Saturn after reading people’s horoscopes?
  • kpastrologer: Prayer is the only thing - Humans can do.
    unless blessed with a strong will power above time/planets.
  • rayofhope: Interesting reading especially for Astrologers on this forum.I wish to share another interesting link from Speaking Tree in this regard called "Astrology and God" by Sri.Datta Swami at
  • Archana Bajpai: Interesting Blog ...Astrologer or any person should do any work with purity, otherwise he will surely get the consequences.If any work is done in the greed / ego / wrong way, then the results will certainly be wrong.
    It has been said that work (Karma-कर्मा ) with purity always promotes unlimited success. so one should always follow the Path of Good Karma and must become more Satwik (सात्विक) .
  • Facilitator: It is happening around us everyday. Learned astrologers already realized "Exchange of Energy" concept through constant observation; must have given some tips to their disciples, to get away from other Karmic effect. Some teachers must have suggested, not to save the money earned through predictions. Their is similar belief system in earlier life style, not to take money for the treatment given for snake bite. Exchange of energy is happening around us everyday and every moment. As we are more focused on planets and their movement, this concept is reduced to astrological context.
  • Bhalajee:

    No doubt good thought provoking article. But i have another thought of my own too ie., unless seeker is destined to seek guidance from that particular Astrologer, he cannot receive predictions/guidance. In other way unless Astrologer & seeker have runanubandan same will not happen Any how regular chantibg of Gayathri mantra is the best remedy for what our beloved Astrologer said to my knowledge. TQ & i am prepared to accept any reasonable correction to my these thoughts for which my advance Thanks to such a person who likes to correct me.

  • Facilitator:

    Facilitator is picking some highlight and discussing. It is neither correcting anybody nor presuming Facilitator only correct.

    Good: There is no Good or Bad. When we define Good or Bad, there is duality. Anything done in duality is Karmic binding. A person does the most heinous act without the duality is eligible for Moksha. Because, Karma did not bind him.                    Astrologer and Seeker: There is a doctor born for a patient. There is exchange of Karma happens and energy is transferred to another person simply by predicting everybody’s horoscope. There were experts who are evil minded approach an astrologer with a chart, by predicting that he will lose the knowledge and may invite death or pass the good karma to that evil person. People are good at making such type of charts. I heard there are still some cult like that exist. We are unnecessary inviting or draining our Karma by looking at unnecessary chart.                                                                   Mantra: There are period in a person’s life where Mantra cannot do much difference. For some people it does evil. That is the reason they do worship Elves. We go to temple and ask Pandit to do Pooja for us during such time. Sometimes on our behalf, Mother pray for her kids. This world is dynamic. Sometimes, chanting leads mind to illusion. There are exceptions for any rule whether good or bad(duality ;) ). That is the beauty of this Universe. It is completely Facilitator view. It is neither Good nor Bad.

  • kpastrologer: Thanks for putting all your thoughts vale ji,Archna ji,Balaji,facilitator ji & ray of hope ji..
    World is multi dimensional & one too ...it’s a travel from many to one (to source) (yat bhavam thaat bhavathi )
    Everything is right (good) / wrong (bad) is the beauty of creation ..
    Sarve jana shukhino bhavanthu

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