What Will The Effect Be If A Manglik Marries A Non-manglik ?


What will the effect be if a manglik marries a non-manglik ?

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We often get this question “What will the effect be if a manglik marries a non-manglik?”

So let’s discuss it.

If a manglik person marries non manglik, maybe they are in love or whatever, how successful the marriage will be depends greatly on the placement of mars and the planet’s placement of the non manglik person. The common problems associated with a union like this can affect the health of the non manglik person and can cause financial instability, a lack of family understanding, depression, lack of harmony, etc. We have even seen cases where the partner can have a major health problem, an accident, enmity, etc.

The manglik person has a tendency to dominate the non manglik person depending on his / her placement of mars and will want the person to change as per his / her desire. Because of this, stress can also come between the partners, leading to depression, which further leads to other major problems. In most cases of love marriages between manglik and non manglik persons, the love evaporates after some time. And, because of the above said things, mutual understanding gets reduced until finally there is no understanding between the partners at all. This will often lead to separate or other unwanted problems.

However, if the person’s age is above 32, then the effect of manglik starts to decrease, but don’t think it completely disappears. We have even seen people who died or suffered major health problems / financial crisis in their 40’s or older. There is no indication of such a problem in their chart, but when we see that their spouse is manglik, it indicates the reason of any misfortune. For this reason, it is often advised for a manglik person to marry a manglik only.

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  • Vale: Thank you for answering this question, it seems like many people run into this problem. Are there any cases when a manglik and a nonmanglik marry and don’t have any problems?
  • astrosumit: There are several exceptions to Manglik Dosha . Deep knowledge and study is required, I have seen many cases where manglik marrys a non manglik and they are leading a happy life.
    So , dont panic if someone is manglik .
  • Ravinder K: Is it possible to discuss any living example of the manglik effects? How valid it is to depend on position of Mars in a given chart for marriage, while Venus is considered as natural Karaka for marriage.?
  • dinaik84 astro: I hope everyone likes this blog . As written for the query of many people . These are the general things in cases of a couple with manglik and non manglik . But you know their is always exceptions . we cannot write on millions of charts . we can just write is the general things which are mostly seen .
  • krish: very nicely written
  • inderdhillon: interesting
  • dinaik84 astro: Thanks everyone

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