“I Want To Know My Future Through Astrology; My Date Of Birth Is...”

“I Want To Know My Future through Astrology; My Date Of Birth is...”

Hi everyone,

Many of us always want to know our Future through Astrology, which requires providing the correct Birth Data.


Astrology is a Devine Science, it works on everyone. It is my personal experience that Astrology is not as simple as it is assumed to be. It comes only when you are pure, pious and regularly follow with Spirituality that always resides in you. I always used to prefer True Lahri Ayanamsha and cast my charts in the Diamond style because I have learned in this way and I have much faith in it. Still, many of us always wonder “Does Astrology really work? ” I say “Yes,” it works.

For Prediction and casting a Horoscope, the Basic Data that is required is:

  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Location of birth or its coordinates (Longitudes & latitudes)

This Data becomes most important to cast a Horoscope as it determines the Planetary position for that particular person on that particular date, time and place. Even minutes and seconds / exact coordinates matter since slight differences in basic data can make huge differences in casting and, obviously, in prediction, too. We can better understand by the following example:

Let’s assume a person was born with the following Data (DD/MM/ YYYY) (Hour : Minutes: Seconds ) is the format used:

  • Date 23 / October/ 1991
  • Time 9 hr: 53min: 12sec (AM)
  • 80 E 55’00’’ 26 N 51’00’’

So he / she will be having the following Planetary position (I am here taking only Ascendant Sun & Moon):

  • Ascendant 22 Scorpio 57’ 43.79’’ Jyeshtha Pada -2 in D-9 chart it will be of Capricorn Navmansha
  • Sun 5 Libra 32’26.04’’Chitra Pada-4 in D-9 chart it will be of Scorpio Navmansha
  • Moon 1 Aries 56’ 17.90” Ashwini Pada -1 in D-9 chart it will be of Aries Navmansha

If there will be some change in time, we will notice that there will also be a change in the degree of the Ascendant, Sun, Moon and other planets. The Ascendant will change if the birth time was 1hr 46 min 06 sec earlier or if the birth time is 31 min 41 sec earlier. So the Ascendant can be Libra / Sagittarius.

Let’s say Time of Birth was 9hr: 56min: 12 sec ( AM). Then, you will find the Ascendant degree will change. It will be 23 Scorpio 37’ 21.17’’ Jeyeshtha Pada -3 in D-9 chart will be in Aquarius Navmansha.

So you see that within 3 minutes, everything is changed and obviously its prediction too.

The degree of Sun is 5 Libra 32’ 33.50’’ Chitra Pada - 4 in D-9 chart Scorpio Navmansha. Notice the degree of Moon, its degree is now 1 Aries 58’ 00.99’’ Ashwini Pada 1 Ashwini NL is Ketu.

We can say that the above person was born in Ketu Maha Dasha with left Dasha (such and such, whatever it may be). In this case, 85.46% left when the time was 9:53:12, and when time was 9:56:12 AM, left Mahadasha was 85.25%. Thus, it causes a change in the starting dates of Mahadasha also.

Another example: When the time was 9:53:12 for the Sun Mahadasha was starting from 16/10/2017, and when time was 9:56:12 Sun, Mahadasha was starting from 11/ 10/ 2017.

This was the difference noticed in Time. Now let’s change the Place or the Coordinates of the said data.

  • Date of Birth 23/ 10/ 1991
  • Time of Birth 9:53:12 AM
  • Place of Birth: Philadelphia (USA) 75 W 42’ 33’’ 44N 09’ 16’’

Using this data we get:

  1. Ascendant with Degree 2 Scorpio 42’ 43.78’’, Vishakha Nak Pada-4 in D-9 chart with Cancer Navmansha.
  2. Degree of Sun 5 Libra 56’04.05’’,Chitra Nakshatra Pada -4.
  3. Degree of Moon 7 Aries 24’ 03.08’’ Ashwini Nakashtra Pada -3 in D-9 chart in Gemini Navmansha.
  4. Ketu MD 44.49% left at the time of birth.

So for this data, the Sun MD will start from 3/12/2014.

Now you can all see here how the time and place make a huge difference when casting a Horoscope as well as with future predictions too. That is the reason why Astrologers need the correct data. Many people do not provide the correct data and then they question and start to doubt Astrology and the Astrologers as well.

Astrology is a vast ocean, there is a lot more to describe and lot more to research……

God Bless You

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: While I can understand why such accuracy is needed, it seems like there will always be some variation with regards to the time. It’s not uncommon for one person’s watch to say 9:30 while another’s says 9:31 and another’s says 9:28. It seems like there should be some allowance for time. Also, what if the doctor doesn’t note the correct time, is that person then forever doomed to never really know their accurate horoscope or to follow incorrect predictions based on the wrong time of birth?
  • kpastrologer: Good article
  • astrokk: it is true that different watches may differ slightly in their time , birth time recorded in hospitals by para medical staff might be incorrect due to their other busy routine works .
    Change in latitude/longitude and incorrect birth time and different ayanamsha used in preparation of chart or sandhi lagna will definitely give incorrect chart . principally birth chart must be verified for its correctness by relationship
    lagna subsub lord with moon star genetical connection .
    if this relationship is not verified minor changes in birth time must be made then birth chart will be nearly correctness .
  • Vale: astrokk, how would you know how to adjust the time so that the birth chart is more accurate?
  • Deepak malik: MYdobis 28/12/1987pulgaon maharastra want to kńow abovt future

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