Human Outlook On The 7 Planets Of The Universe In Indian Astrology

Human outlook on 7 Planets of Universe in Indian Astrology


Looking at the sky, an urge in the human brain is generated to know what are star, planets, constellations? Why do the stars fall apart? How do they behave? And why do they dissolve in a few days? Why is sun rising every day in the east? Why do the seasons come in sequence, etc.? Many questions come to the human mind.

Man wants to know the answer to such questions. To know why. How? Where? When? Will or will not? He is not satisfied with only visible things, but he is also keen to know those things that are not directly visible. The person who has a personal ambition to know becomes aware when he is curious for it.

From a logical human point of view, the living creature or the human beings made Astrological rules for serious revelation. Humans analyzed the Planets, Star, Nakshatra, etc. They turned the sky into a laboratory and discovered the mysteries with their Vedic eyes.

Human is inventory by nature. He wants to establish the relationship of his life with every aspect of the world, and this trend has compelled him to establish a relationship with Astrology. Consequently, he wants to appear directly to the astrological elements within his life. He wants to see the experience gained by the classical / literature and practical knowledge and is eager to know what place Astrology has in the life of humans.

The principle of “Yatha Pinde tatha Brahmande” (यथा पिण्डे तथा ब्रह्मांडे ) in Indian philosophy is prevalent since ancient times. It means that the same Rules and Laws work in actual solar system and on the humans and on every aspect of life to the earth. In India, there is a fundamental philosophy of all knowledge, this is the reason why India follows knowledge from philosophical norms and looks at astrology from these perspectives.

In astrological philosophy since Vedic times, three types of karmas are considered...

  1. Accumulated karma (संचित कर्मा),
  2. Destined-Fate (प्रारब्ध)
  3. Action / Execution (क्रियमाण)

The work done by a person in the past and present stage, whether it was done in this birth or in the previous birth , is called the Accumulated Karma.(संचित)

The person who enjoys the fruits of karmas, by the Accumulated deeds, is called Destined –Prarabdh Karma. (प्रारब्ध)

Whatever is happening now or whatever the person doing / or on execution, that is the Action – Kriyamaan . (क्रियमाण)

Thus, due to the three karmas, the soul is accumulating the sacraments / ordinations by births cycle (1st house + 5th house + 9th house– Present + Past + Future) . The 1st house is Self (Asc). The 5th house is Purva- Punya Bhava , and the 9th house is Bhagya Bhav. Again and again, this cycle continues.

Due to the characteristic of these actions of the soul, man’s personality is expressed in Two forms the External and Internal.

  1. External Form – (Extrovert / Sarvjanya ): One who is embodied in physical form and, due to the inner voice and action of the soul, fixes types of thoughts of its previous birth. One tends to lean towards the emotions and, through the experiences of present birth, the growth of the person increases, and succeeds to meet their inner personality.
  2. Internal Form – (Introvert / Self-Steamed): Are those people who synthesize the memories, experiences and trends of many external people.

Again, there are three forms of External human life and three forms of Internal and one Self, which have been considered in Indian Astrology.


Whereas Jupiter, Mars, & the Moon are representatives of external, Venus , Mercury & the Sun signify internal and Self-endearment is by the great Saturn. Three forms of external personalities and three forms of internal personalities, and most importantly, self-consciousness make the outlook of the person.

We can describe all these planets in following ways:

  • Anatmik kind (Infrastructure)
  • Aatmik kind (Nature)
  • Physical Body

For Example, to understand we take Jupiter, its Anatmik, Atmik & Physical are:

Anatmik Kind: It rules over trade, work, place and person whose relation is from religion and law, such as temple, priest, minister, court, judiciary, educational institutions, university, community meetings, public celebration, charity, sympathy, etc.

Atmik Kind: It shows ,generosity, good nature, beauty love, devotion and system intelligence, knowledge - Jyotish Shastra Tantra - Mantra - thoughts, power, etc.

Physical Body: It represents Legs, thighs, liver, digestive tract, blood and nerves, it is one of the examples other planets can also describe.

Similarly, all the seven planets of the solar system are symbols of the various components of human life. Everyone is governed by the actions of these seven planets. These can be considered to be symbols of intellectual, physical advancement and degradation.


In this way, we can say that the third kind of internal form is represented by the Sun (Soul), and third kind of external form is represented by the Moon (Mind). The second kind of external form is Mars (Passion), and the second kind of internal form is Mercury (Intellect). The very first form of the external form is represented by Jupiter (Wisdom), and the first form of the internal form is represented by Venus (Beauty/Pleasure). Most importantly, the symbol of inner self and conscience (Action taken analysing by all these) is Saturn (Action/ Karma). It works as a bridge that combines external consciousness and inner consciousness. Whatever comes inside the person in everyday life and whatever comes from the experiences of a person’s personal life and enhances it.

It can also be a symbol of AHM (Big I), but it is also a symbol of IQ and work balance. It expresses the mysteries of life in a different way. We can say that all the seven planets are an integral part of Human life .

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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