How Does Astrology Predict Marriage?


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In this blog we will talk about the frequently asked questions about Marriage .

How Astrology Predicts Marriage

Marriage is the most life changing event for many people. It can make life a lot better or it could make things a lot worse. For this reason, we should always get our kundlis (Horoscope) matched properly. We should not only look into greh milan, but also other important things.

First let’s talk about our main topic - How do we predict marriage. In astrology, the House of marriage / spouse is the 7th house. So we see mainly check the planet in that house or the sign of the 7th house and its placement in which ever house. We also consider the running dasha as venus dasha is mainly considered for marriage. When the dasha or the planet starts to act, automatically the person’s mind starts to act accordingly. As such, a person starts getting proposals for marriage by one way or the other.

If the time is not there for marriage or you have a late marriage in your stars, then it doesn’t matter how hard you try or your family tries, marriage will not happen until later, if at all. Sometimes, you make up your mind that you ready for marriage and sometimes you don’t want to get married at all for an unknown reason. These all things are due to your planetary system, which affects your mind.

Here are a few examples of how astrology predicts marriage:

  1. If you have rahu in lagna and ketu in 7 house, then, obviously, a late marriage is predicted.
  2. If you have venus in 7th house, then there is a chance for a love marriage, and marriage occurs whenever the dasha or antar dasha or the pratyantar dasha of venus is present.

These are only two short examples because it varies greatly from person to person as per their planets in the Kundli and the dasha in which they are running. Many aspects have to be seen for an accurate prediction. Also, we can do certain remedies depending on the dasha and the 7 house planet or lord of 7th house (as per rashi which comes in 7th house) .

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  • Vale: Are there any other indicators for marriage, like if a person will get divorced, if they will have more than one marriage, etc.?
  • priarsh: Sir it’s very useful for us... But sir does the marriage Yog changes with the time in a person’s chart ?
    Like love marriage Yog for sometime then the Yog changes?
  • shweta2014: good one sirji
    how do u predict absence of marriage?
  • Ravinder K: How valid is this point: (If you have rahu in lagna and ketu in 7 house, then, obviously, a late marriage is predicted.)
    I have a chart which has this combination and got married by 25 yrs immediately after studies.
    Or are there any exceptions?
  • dinaik84 astro: All the above questions have one answer , that its in general . other things depends on the sign of 7th house and the placement of lord of that sign . And even other things matters as which planet its situated with etc
  • Ravinder K: Sir, that was my point. We should not generalize, but go by the totality of the chart. As marriage is a Major event of our life, there should not be any short cuts or generalization in predictions.
  • dinaik84 astro: Their is no short cut sir .
    Everyone has his own way to describe things .
    Anyways thanks for your suggestion .
  • inderdhillon: nice one sir
  • dinaik84 astro: Thankyou

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