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Is Astrology Evil? by Thinking_Woman
Recently Johnny Nicks asked me this question: Hi thinking woman. Maybe you could also shed some light on the links between astrology and religion, especially Christianity? I think I found this somewhere on the web what do you think of it? ...
Why might Astrologers have a bad effect on them when reading other people's horoscopes? by kpastrologer
I was wondering always about it, why old/wise people say that Astrologers may experience bad effects when reading another person's horoscopes. Today I had a thought about it so I am sharing it here. In the natural Zodiac, SATURN is the karma ...

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archana mam... ansh 27/11/1991, 15:53 pm, pali- marwar, rajasthan?.. i wanna do my own business., ryt now venus md going on.. plz suggest me about my future? i need ur help. also if ...
by Guest - 10 minutes ago
Hi Aakansha , Kindly furnish complete birth details DOB POB TOB ??? God Bless You Thank You
by Archana Bajpai - 33 minutes ago
sir i am facing problems in finance problems in 2018 my rahu mahadasha antra bhukti rahu is passing my DOB 09/06/1981 02:55 AM BANGALORE
by vinay - 34 minutes ago
ONE QUESTION SIR, Why did you ask me if my bad time started in 2013. What planetary positions set this bad time in motion in 2013? Best Regards, VJ
by V J - 51 minutes ago
Can we chant only"agnimurdha"for mars remedy?I have given this mantra to chant 10000 times for mars
by Govind gopal - 1 hour ago
Between 2014 to 2017 there seem have been struggles , increased expenses or stress. During 2011-2013 must have been more of reserved type. If these match with you, its better to avoid Gem ...
by Ravinder K - 1 hour ago
Hi I m kaushal nandan My question is that I m mild manglik and girl also mild manglik So can I marriage to this girl Kaushal nandan 14/dec/1989 05:55:00AM TUNDLA UP. RICHA SHARMA ...
by Kaushal nandan - 2 hours ago

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