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"I Want To Know My Future through Astrology; My Date Of Birth is..." by Archana Bajpai
"I Want To Know My Future through Astrology; My Date Of Birth is..." Hi everyone, Many of us always want to know our Future through Astrology, which requires providing the correct Birth Data. Astrology is a Devine Science, it works on everyone. ...
Human Outlook on the 7 Planets of the Universe in Indian Astrology by Archana Bajpai
Human outlook on 7 Planets of Universe in Indian Astrology Looking at the sky, an urge in the human brain is generated to know what are star, planets, constellations? Why do the stars fall apart? How do they behave? And why do they dissolve in a ...
Is Astrology Evil? by Thinking_Woman

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Hello Archana ji My DOB 21/10/1977, time 15.45 pm and place Bagasara (Bagasra) Gujarat. I lost my job recently. If you can please look at my birth chart and let me know when I can find a ...
by Guest - 3 hours ago
My dob 4 march 1996 Time 18:52 His dob 18 feb 1992 Time 6:04 Will this marrige happen and when .. and also woll this marrige be successful
by Tanya - 3 hours ago
When will i get married my dob is 5 december1993 i do not know my time of birth
by Guest - 3 hours ago
Plz Ravinder sir... Kindly recheck and let me know the truth plz....
by priarsh - 3 hours ago
Sir, mine is currently Jupiter mahadasha & Saturn antardasha maybe referring to other horoscope
by Naga - 4 hours ago
Hi Sir, Please help. Can we marry ?Details : Groom : AMIT MONDAL Birth: 19.august.1989 Time : 11:35pm Place : Kolkata, India Bride : SATARUPA SAMANTA Birth: 04.september.2000 Time: ...
by Guest - 5 hours ago
I left my previous company after close to 6 years. I was trying for a promotion which I did not get. So I resigned. At the same time, I had an offer from another small private company and I ...
by parme_eshwar - 5 hours ago

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