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Is Astrology Evil? by Thinking_Woman
Recently Johnny Nicks asked me this question: Hi thinking woman. Maybe you could also shed some light on the links between astrology and religion, especially Christianity? I think I found this somewhere on the web what do you think of it? ...
Why might Astrologers have a bad effect on them when reading other people's horoscopes? by kpastrologer
I was wondering always about it, why old/wise people say that Astrologers may experience bad effects when reading another person's horoscopes. Today I had a thought about it so I am sharing it here. In the natural Zodiac, SATURN is the karma ...

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Inbox if interested..will reply tomorrow
by kpastrologer - 1 hour ago
I am karthika.my date of birth 01.04.98 and I am lv Prakash his date of birth is 20.06.95.when married both.how is my future
by Guest - 2 hours ago
Create a user n send inbox message please
by kpastrologer - 3 hours ago
Hello. I am a woman with no mangal dosha and the man i am in love with has high mangal dosha..what does this mean? It seems to be the only negative thing in our compatibility.. Woman 23jan ...
by Guest - 6 hours ago
by Aiyesha - 7 hours ago
20/4/1986 saikat saha
by Saikat saha - 7 hours ago
Sir, it's a arrange marriage...we met with each other with the family reference, but we started talking with each other when our family discussion was going on, our family like each other ...
by Anu - 7 hours ago

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