Today’s Planetry Summery. (according To Western Astrology)

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Moon in capricon and void and late night square venus and sextile sun.Mars in capricon sextile Neptune,remind you to act patiencely,illusion /disillusion.avoid fraud or in get rich quick scheme instead Neptune represent spiritualism do meditate for even few minutes and pray for your family and rest of world.Do remember me in your prayers with my family.Mars exchange houses ruler in Mars house scorpio and Mars in Saturn house.Good omen.determination.Capricon represent Practical,prudent,ambitious and disciplened,patience ,careful and reserved and negative passimistic,over-conventional and reserved . Traditionally Mar exhalted in capricon.We found rather difficult to understand because Capricon slow and steady and earth while Mars is all speed,fire,extrovert enthusiasm.but we cannot ignore ancient Astrologers.Mars in natal chart is important and it aspect with other stars.if it is strong people take action and get towards progress and weak than thinking thinking and mis the boat.Mars is not easy here on New moon eclipse conjuct pluto and square Uranus.God bless us all.eclipse falls on full moon in Gememni 1-2 degree depend where you live.Today have a nice weekend and share love.Mars in my chart square Sun and progressive saturn in Libra and I have to be patience and optimistic.God bless me and all.

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