Manglik Or Kuja Or Mars Dosha

Facilitator never wanted to write, this, as an article. However, repeated questions has been asked. This article completely confines to “Can a Manglik marry a Non-Manglik?” without looking into any planetary combinations.

There are two logic to Mars Dosha.

Logic one:

Each body is capable of absorbing and emitting energy at a subtle level. Our body absorbs, energy from Solar system. The same body emits too. The Mars energy emitted by the body get absorbed into the body which has low Mars energy. Once transmitted to the other body, all planetary energy come for the rescue of the person to balance the chart. This, in-turn, disturbs each planetary energy functionality and affect the overall chart stability. Now the energy which is supposed to protect our life get reduced and vulnerable to accidents or dangers or even sometimes threat to life. Moreover, it should be just a life after, as all benefic planets had given up their energies. We do not know the science behind , how to create new Jupiter energy exactly match with Venus, as match with the original one when we were born.

Logic two:

Second logic is, during the conjugal love, the Mars energy is so high, it may some times go for longer than normal course. Even, each thrust could be very high that, the other body cannot withstand. This is not in physical sense. All happen on energy level. This gives health issues to the opposite spouse, who is not having high Mars energy. Mangliks are very sensitive that, they expect the spouse to be equally reciprocate. When they do not get that, they go violent in bed. The person who is having low Mars energy get afraid of this. This may end up in hatred and quarrel in the married life.

Basically, from the above two, it is quite clear that, when two are in physical relationship things had already happened. That means something good is exchanged from one body to other also. This could be the reason behind the say, “Bride brings luck”. Because, women always has the giving nature. That is how the nature made her and choose to be a Mother. Add to it feminine energy is more powerful than masculine energy** due to this. Would anybody prefer to marry a different person, after giving all luck to another? It could also be noticed, the people already being in pre-marital relationship, their life suffer when married to another being than the loved one. Because, some luck is drained out.

Do not look for Kuja dosha, once being in relationship for long. Some say, it is a nice way to end up a relation. However, when they are in genuine relationship, horoscope compatibility may take to a high level of psychological and post-marital life issues.

Note: Low Mars is not to be considered as derogatory. For a particular body, that is enough. The energy which is absorbed is, too much for that person’s system.

** Last moments of the man always yearn to merge in one of the feminine energy. Mostly it could be Mother or Wife or Ex-Girlfriend.

Image by ESA - European Space Agency & Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research for OSIRIS Team ESA/MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/RSSD/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA via Wikipedia Commons

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  • Sjt.snm:

    The blog is logical and interesting too ,,,, the energy factor is very important aspect.

  • Facilitator:


    Send the same details as Private Message. Also mention, what exactly the native wants to know.

  • archana bajpai:

    Today’s youth is educated but they are not coming out of the superstition of Mangal flaws, Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot defects etc ...etc.... Even today, they are running around these legends, without understanding it , you have tried to reduce the blind belief in a  very logical manner . Thank You

  • Vale: Thank you for sharing this, do you have any remedies for it?
  • Mohanlal: Mars with rahu/ketu influence then it works otherwise I leave it.
    I look it only in female horoscope.
  • Facilitator:


    Sorry for the late reply as did not see the comment so far.

    Mars is energy. It is our energy. So the food we eat, the music we listen, the people we interact, the profession we choose, all add up to it.

    Below are the remedies for Mars in worse or destructive nature in chart. The below remedies are not for Marrying a Manglik to Non-Manglik.

    First remedy: Choose a profession, where Mars energy could be fully utilized. All negativity of the Mars must be fall off by natural process as the native use aggressive/assertive/defensive words or actions at work place. This way at homely atmosphere the native could be calm.

    Second remedy: Realization and familiarization with Mars. Otherwise, the same attitude of the office is used at home also.

    Third remedy: Do the opposite of Mars nature at homely atmosphere as it is easy, because most of the negativity shed away at workplace.

    Fourth remedy: The deity the native pray should not be fierce in nature. He/She becomes more aggressive. Usually, Mars people like Kali etc.. Rather use a deity which sooth the aggressiveness. Once he reached a certain stage with this practice, the native comes to know how to balance the energy.

    Fifth remedy: Rather than listening to rock, listen to melodies and slow and smooth music.

  • Facilitator: @Mohanlal
    Facilitator did not understand the comment properly.
  • Vale: Facilitator, maybe you can post those remedies as a new blog with a link to this one?
  • Facilitator: Thanks Vale. Facilitator will do it in the future.
  • Vale: :)
  • Rajneesh290492:


  • Facilitator: @Rajneesh
    Post the query in a forum and pass the link to Facilitator. He will reply. Deleting this.

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