Information And Remedies For Relief From Ill Effects Of Planets

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This is first time I am writing an article on the subject of planets, their Exaltation, Debilitation, Rudraksha connected to Planet(s) and Lal Kitab and Vedic Remedies for malefic / ill effect planets at any time, under any circumstances. This way, everyone will have the ability to recover using remedies that can be followed on their own, thus helping everyone to have a peaceful, prosperous, bright, healthy and happy life. This I am doing as an Astrologer Student a Squirrel seva ( service ) to my fellowmen with the intention that every one of my fellowmen should have a peaceful, prosperous, bright, healthy happy life. This is what I can share with you from my Astrology education.

I hope this will be helpful at least for a few of you, and that you will all receive it wholehearted and encourage me to render further service to you, my fellowmen, for which I give my advance thanks to one and all.

At the same time, my request to Astrologers to please rectify my mistakes, if there are any, and to pardon them.


Graha Lordship Exalted on Debilitated on Concerned Rudraksha


Leo Aries Libra 1 or 12 Face
Moon Cancer Taurus Scorpio 2 Face
Mars Scorpio Capricorn Cancer 3 Face
Mercury Gemini and Virgo Virgo Pisces 4 Face
Jupiter Sagittarius and Aries Cancer Capricorn 5 Face
Venus Taurus and Libra Capricorn Virgo 6 or 13 Face
Saturn Capricorn and Aquarius Libra Aries 7 or 14 Face
Rahu Gemini Sagittarius 8 Face
Ketu Sagittarius Gemini 9 Face

Remedies to Please the Planets and Reduce Ill Effects

1. Bathing methods to please the planets:

  • SUN
    • Bathe during the sunrise, adding saffron, a red flower and/or a red sandal.
  • MOON
    • Fill water in shell and take a bath. Add a fragrant flower and white sandal in the bath water.
  • MARS
    • Take a bath with a copper urn. Add a red sandal or jaggery.
    • Add gorochan, saunf, nutmeg.
    • Add turmeric, saffron or apply honey on body and then take a bath.
    • Add Elachi, rose water or a white flower.
    • Store water in an iron bucket on the previous day. Add black sesame, surma to bath water.
  • RAHU
    • Add cow urine, kastoori to bath water.
  • KETU
    • Add a white sandal to bath water.

2. Lal Kitab remedy to pacify inauspicious planets:

For this, bring the items, mentioned in the chart below, go to his Ista Devatha Mandir OR (if there is no Ista Dectha or it is unknown) to a general Lord Ganesha Temple. Here, one must place the item before Ista Devatha and pray that the inauspicious planet will not give ill effects. Then, bring back the item home and keep it in the house. After one year, the item should be immersed in floating water (river, canal, sea).

3. Vedic remedies:

Take the items, mentioned in the chart below for use against each planet for ill effects, and place them in a banana leaf at the point where four crossroads meet.

4. Avatars to be worshipped for relieve from the ill effects of planets:

See the chart below for Avatars mentioned. These should be worshiped when a particular planet, at any given time, is malefic or for ill effects for every relief.

Planet Lal Kitab remedy item Vedic remedy item Avatars
Sun Jaggery or wheat grains Wheat Rama
Moon Rice grains Rice grains Krishna
Mars Jaggery or Arhar Dal Masoor (Pink lentil beans) Narasimha
Mercury Sugar or Moong beans Moong beans Buddha
Jupiter Jaggery or Turmeric Kala Chana (whole Bengal gram) Vamana
Venus Rice grains or Indian rock candy White colored sweets Parusuram
Saturn Badam, sesame Black sesame seeds Koorma
Rahu Mustard oil or Urad Dal Mustard Varaha
Ketu Kulhti beans Coconut Mastya



This image updated by ComputerHotline [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Vale: Thank you for sharing these remedies, hopefully they will help many people on this forum!
  • Bhalajee: U r Most welcome Vale. I TQ you too for receiving positively & my Thanks to all those who utilize and make their life’s so peaceful in advance.
  • Navneet Khanna: Good and detailed article on remedies in Vedic astrology. :)
  • Bhalajee: TQ NAVNEET

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