Astrology Is True, But Faith And Belief Are What Help You Succeed


Hi Readers,

I want to share something with you that I have learned from life. That is, when nothing works in your life or when you are in great trouble, or when life seems unpredictable or it seems life has stopped, just get up and try new things that you have never imagined.

Who has sent us with the Human Body must have thought something for us and that can come to us through miseries only. Remember, Gold is burned for brightness as are gemstones cut to make God’s idols.

And also remember, you only get one life and if it’s not in your luck to do something which you want to, you can try different things in life. There are millionaires in the world who have not even completed the tenth grade and yet still they are millionaires. Your life might want something else from you instead of getting degrees. Try new things to boost yourself up. Discover what is your passion. That way, even if you fail, if it is something you enjoy doing, you will automatically try again and again until you achieve success and happiness.

Get up and go to new places, try different things and try to be happy like a child with others. Doing these things will make you feel more positive. Let your life take you there to achieve your destiny. Leave everything negative and live responsibly for the moment you are in. It’s not mandatory to be in a relationship or marriage. Life is meant for something else, like being happy, being social, being at service to others, etc...

Also, if you can, thank God for what He has given us and Believe in Him because the miseries we are going through is for our betterment, which, hopefully, you will achieve rapidly and easily without any difficulty.

I hope this is helpful for all of you who are reading.

God Bless U All

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Nicely written. I agree that even if it seems like everything is against us, there are other ways that we can go in order to succeed. There are many stories of people who couldn’t afford to go to school, but they found other ways to make money and they still worked hard and became successful.
  • Tanushree02: 👍🏻

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