In my daily life and astrological study, I’ve came across some Beneficial and Magical TREES AND PLANTS that had a lot of significance for people. Even, I have planted some of these sacred trees and worship them.
These TREES AND PLANTS are very auspicious and people worship them to get beneficial effects in many religious and astrological methods.


1. Peepal Tree

*In Hinduism, families worship Peepal Tree as a deity due to its beneficial effect by offering the water to tree and it gives blessings to the worshipper as the roots Peepal Tree, represents Brahma, the trunk of the tree represents Lord Vishnu and leaves of the tree represent Lord Shiva.

* Worshipping the tree helps in controlling the thoughts, removes hurdles in marriage and good for children and fertility and prosperous for family growth.

* It is astrlogically believed that if a person has manglik dosh, marrying a Peepal Tree, removes the dosh and a person can marry a non-manglik person.

* It also helps in removing obstacles in Financial growth and brings multiple source of income to the worshipper.

* In Astrology, the Peepal tree is related to the planet Jupiter. If a person has a auspicious Jupiter, worshipping Peepal tree, makes Jupiter into very graceful and rewarding one and if a person has an inauspicious Jupiter, worshipping Peepal tree turnsit into a stronger one. And Also, wood of Peepal tree is used for havana ceremony to calm down the effects of malefic Jupiter.

* It is believed mythologically that Peepal tree grows itself and mostly found in Temples and it is believed that if a Peepal tree grows in one’s house, its very fortunate and properous for the entire family and no one plants the tree and one should not cut the tree.

Some even believes that soul resides in the tree and one should not stay under the tree at night.

2. Banana Tree

* Banana Tree is a very pious tree and symbolizes Lord Vishnu. People worship the tree on Thursdays to get the benefits of Jupiter. Roots of Banana Tree are tied with yellow thread are worn.

* Banana as a fruit is offered to Lord Vishnu and Laksmi for good Married Life and good Financial Condition and happiness of family.

* Leaves of Banana tree are used in many auspicious and used religiously in many Hindu festivals.

* It is astrologically believed that if a person has manglik dosh, marrying a Banana Tree removes the dosh and a person can marry a non-manglik person.

3. Mango Tree

* Mango Tree is a very sacred Tree and its fruit and leaves are used in many religious purposes like Yagya (Yagya is an important ceremony to calm down the negative effects planets and obtain their beneficial results).

* According to Vasthu Sastra, mango leaves are helpful in removing Evil’s Eye and brings harmony in one’s house.
Take 11 mango leaves, string together and hang over entrance of your house.

* According to Feng shui, Planting a Mango tree in your house or property, helps in inviting the God of Wisdom, Peace and Luck.

4. Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil)

* In Hindu mythology, Tulsi is worshipped as Goddess, also considered as a wife of Lord Vishnu (called as Vishnupriya, the beloved of Vishnu).

* According to Hindu customs, Tulsi Vivah ( is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant who is considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, with Lord Vishnu). Tulsi Vivah (or Marriage) is helpful in removing obstacle if delay in marriage

* Tulsi Plant or Holy Basil is a very sacred plant, in other words its also called Miracle or Queen of Herbs. It has been significant to mankind in many religious and medicinal ways.

* Tulsi Plant is also helpful as being spiritual purity, as it attracts the God’s energy (satvik) and purify the mind and soul.

* According to Vasthu Sastra, planting a Tulsi Plant in your house (north, east, northeast or in front of the house), is very auspicious.

* According to Ayurvedic studies, taking Tulsi leaves gives relief in stress and cold. It also sharpens the memory and enhance the concentration power of the person.

5. Money Plant

* Money Plant is beautiful green leafy indoor plant, many people call it as “A Plant to become Rich”, as its leaves stay greener more than other plant’s leaves And as the plant has different shapes of leaves, it denotes differently in many terms.

* According to Vasthu Sastra, if one plants a Money Plant in the house brings Luck and Riches in one’s life as its round and flat shaped leaves resembles a coin.

* Money Plant is also believed to bring long-lasting friendship, due its heart shaped leaves.

* According to Feng shui, Money Plant (also called as Feng Shui Money Tree is used to enhance the energy of wealth and prosperity in the Wealth and Money Bagua area(Southeast) of your home.

* According a myth, its said that one should not cutting of his or her planted Money Plant to anyone as its believed that one is giving his or her wealth to other person.

I hope it helps you.
A Spiritual FRIEND & Life’s Guide

Image By Neha.Vindhya (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Molly Bain: Hi Nitya, thanks for this interesting blog! How do you worship the trees and plants?
  • gem_nitya: HELLO Molly Bain :) Thanks for appreciation,
    Well, Which tree or plant are you talking about in my Blog. Do mentione it?
    Thanks & Regards
    A Spiritual FRIEND & Life’s GUIDE
  • zafar: God has made the man as most powerful creature on earth and all the things in the world is for him and the man has put him self so much down
    start worshiping trees and other creatures. The man is ready to worship everything in this world but not ready to worship the creator who has created him and who is the creator and sustainer of the whole Universe.
  • gem_nitya: HELLO Zafar :) thanks for writing in.
    Well, everything on this earth belongs to God and its the belief and trust that people worship everything i.e related to God. Plant a Tree, you will come to know the meaning. Save the Mother Earth.
    Thanks & Regards
    A Spiritual FRIEND & Life’s GUIDE
  • zafar: Do any person realize or think why is he on this earth and why this earth in the solar system. Please think about it and let your known to think who they are and why they are........
  • Molly Bain: Hi Nitya, is there a different way to each one? I was asking in general :)
  • XYZ: Planets and Trees have a ecological balance which if disturbed can create problems for even the powerful man as someone just pointed out. By worshipping them is to grow then more and consume them more for their benefits. There are no specific methods , everyone has its own way. You may water them. It is amazing feeling when a small plant grows into a tree and a bud grows into a full flower. You respect God by appreciating what he has given us.
    Some of the planets in Indian system have very strong and powerful medicinal qualities, which everyone knows like Tulsi or Basil , Turmeric , ginger, garlic and many many more, you can read more about them in Ayurveda. Like you feel air you don’t see it, you feel God in his creation. Thanks Nitya for your nice article.
  • zafar: I agree with this point as all things in this world are interrelated and God has made them beneficial for human but to think that they can change your luck is not right.
  • XYZ: IT is an individual perception; you may see a glass half filled with water as half empty or half full. It depends upon your perception only. If you do good acts in any form you feel the goodness around you, you serve God and His Glory by saving what He has given us. Saving for self, and generations that will follow after centuries, this is pure service to the God not to destroy his creation. You give good vibes and you receive good vibes and evil only spreads more evil.
  • zafarseikh@gmail.com: To every action there is reaction, but the result depends upon the effort we apply. Suppose a student has to clear a exam he has to study he can not pass by watering a tree or feeding an animal. Same is with God if we want to serve God we have to find the proper way. God has given human dominance of this word and he surely would have contacted the man this up to us how we find. It may be possible that some of our deeds that we do to please God may make angry.
  • gem_nitya: HELLO Molly:)
    Well, as such each and every Tree and Plant has different ways to workship either with religious methods, Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui.
    In HInduism, Peepal Tree, Banana Tree and Mango Tree are Worshipped in different ways and Tulsi plant is also worshipped by offering water.And there are Pooja methods that vary in different communities in different ways.
    But, if we see in accordance to Vastu Shastra, all these tree and plants are very beneficial.
    And Money Plant is considered via Feng Shui culture as very auspicious plant which denotes MOney.
    I hope it helps:thumb-up:
    Thanks & Regards
    A Spiritual FRIEND & Life’s GUIDE
  • gem_nitya: HELLO :) XYZ for writing in and Thanks for appreciation of the article.
    Thanks & Regards
    A Spiritual FRIEND & Life’s GUIDE
  • zafar: Yes I agree Plants do benefit us in many ways tulsi is a very good anti allergic and helps in respiratory diseases but these plants also depend on human beings and animals for pollination. If any thing in this world benefit us it dose not mean that we start worshiping it. If we have fever or pain it is gone by antiypyrratic or analgesic such as meatacin or crocin so should we worship these medicines.
  • xyz: Crocin is made by man where as Tulsi is by God, I don’t know if you agree that is a major difference. Tulsi depends like you and me on Water, Sun , Air like you and me. Crocin does not need Water, Sun and Air. A large dose of Tulsi will not harm, but a large dose of crocin can finish you in minutes. Like I said earlier no will ever see or has seen God, what he look like, His form, His appearance, but only His creation and that should be worshiped.
  • zafar: It is not right that if we cannot see GOD so we should start to worship his creations All other creations of GOD do not worship us if we come infront of Lion he will eat us. In fact we have to belief and worship that unseen Lord and who is everywhere. We can worship like this.
    In the name of LORD , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
    [All] praise is [due] to LORD , Lord of the worlds –
    he Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful,
    Sovereign of the Day of Recompense.
    It is You we worship and You we ask for help.
    Guide us to the straight path –
    The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray.
  • xzy: Which God are you talking about. That God for which people are killing each other. Animals are not the only thing that God has created. And if a Lion kills a human, there is a difference between animals and Humans. One thing is for sure, Less animals are killing humans and more humans are killing other people to prove that there God , which no one has seen or will ever see is better than other God. Humans are behaving like animals because of their God. All are fighting for the Gods,but show disrespect to what He has given all of us.
  • zafar: Peoples are misguided and they are not actual followers of GOD they are all doing for the political issues. I am talking about that LOrd who says to love every human being and give the needy persons from the sustenance that is provided from your Lord. Yes there are many religions and peoples are fighting each other but do you believe that there can be one religion which may be true. I am talking about that religion or GOD who says. This religion is for those Who believe in unseen Lord and have fear and for prayers and provide the food and shelter to the orphans and needy persons.
    Say, "He is My Lord, [who is] One,
    Lord , the Eternal Refuge.
    He neither begets nor is born,
    Nor is there to Him any equivalent."
  • gem_nitya: ZAFAR, I can understand your sentiments and concern here.
    But, Please note that my Blog is in concern for people who look for online for any kind of knowledge regarding MIRACLE PLANTS AND TREES.
    As, stated we are to help people with fruitful knowledge. Its a person’s belife and trust and we cannot discourage anyone.
    I hope you understand.
    Thank you
  • nilesh497: A very informative article ...keep sharing !!
  • gem_nitya: HELLO Nilesh :) Thanks for appreciation,
    A Spiritual FRIEND & Life’s Guide
  • zafar:

    If Tusi plant is so sacred we should not it lts leaves as in our body it converts into excretory wastage and is drained out.

  • gem_nitya: Zafar, thanks for writing in again and showing so much good concern for the blog post.
    As per your question, yes, Tulsi is very sacred plant, it has a lot of miraculous and medicinal qualities.
    Likewise, let me tell you I worship this plant every day and even I take it pure my thoughts and have stress free life.
    Its very beneficial and very religious Plant.
    I hope it helps you.
    Thanks & Regards
  • zafar:

    do you know why tulsi is worshiped by woman mostly this plant emits some radioactive rays which are very beneficial for females so stand some time near tulsi plant and ask all the ladies in your house to do the same.

  • gem_nitya: Zafar, thanks for writing in again and taking interest in my blog post, well, if you will read the advantages of Tulsi plant where I’ve mentioned benefits of the sacred plant you will come to know its miraculous values. As, I’ve already mentioned to you that how I worship this plant and my family woman also notes me and follow me.
    I hope you will share this knowledge to other women as well, so they can also get useful knowledge from here.
    Thanks again for valuable comments and so much concern with us.
    I hope it helps:thumb-up:
    A Spiritual FRIEND & Life’s Guide
  • zafar:

    there are unmeasurable things provided by our LORD which benefit us in different ways like flax seed, and kalaunji seeds no compare to them. Every thing in this Universe. has its value and its limits Even sun has not given so much power that it can pull earth into it self nor can earth pull moon. Everything is moving under a law and system made by Lord. We should use everything that is bestowed by our LORD and should pray and to thank him only. serving any plant or animal in sake that it can change your luck is putting yourself in dark.

  • gem_nitya: Hello, Zafar again for sharing good knowledge, I can see your keen interest here on. So, Why don’t you share your thoughts and write some valuable Blog on MAS http://www.myastrologysigns.com.
    So, people can read your posts and it can help them.
    Thanks & Regards
    A Spiritual FRIEND & Life’s GUIDE
  • zafar:

    I do not know how to post blog and what you mean by MAS?

  • gem_nitya: Zafar, welcome, I can understand your issue.
    I CAN SEE YOUR KEEN INTEREST HERE ON "MY ASTROLOGY SIGNS" i.e "MAS" (an abbreviation) and I appreciate it.
    I would request you to PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND SIGN UP with your Email.
    And when you will create your profile, you will also see a section Blog Post and you can easily create your blog posts.
    Thanks & Regards
    # And its free of cost
  • Hetal: Thanx fr the xtra ordinary rare knowkedge
  • gem_nitya: Dear Hetal:) Thanks for appreciation. God bless
    Guru Gem Nitya
  • cavmanjunath: Help me to decide on my career.

    D o b: 19.05.1986
    Time : 13.30.pm
    Place : bangalore
    Name: pavan
    I am very much interested to be a Chartered Accountant.
    Kindly suggest me.
    Thanks in advance.
  • gem_nitya: cavmanjunath, HELLO :) Welcome to "MY ASTROLOGY SIGNS"
    well, dear, you have posted your query in a blog. Kindly post your query in the forum.
    Thank u
  • kalyanprodhan: Nitya Sir,
    Several times I have to cut pipal seedlings from house roof, wall etc which generates generally in rainy season for it’s maintenance. Does this harm us ? What can be taken care as measures ? Generally I pull the seedling including it’s root and throw away to grassy area but not destroyed it. However never see piple seedling to catch the soil. And I think many people have to do this as building maintenance.
    Any guidance please.. from astrological point of view ?
  • gem_nitya: Kalyanprodhan, welcome dear, as such I can understand your point here.
    Well, Yes, Peepal tree is very religious tree, as its worshiped by Hindu people and cutting it destroying it definitely is not good and brings negativity. Well, next time if you remove the tree from anywhere in your house try to take it the religious or sacred place and plant it there, or you may go to temple as well.
    I hope its helps.
    Guru Gem Nitya
  • A devotee: Thanx frnd! would u pls tl me something beneficial to get rid frm nag bali dosh (also for kal sarp dosh) without going at Trimbakeshwar.Some simple formulas or procedure which can be carried out in home. Thanx again.
  • lucky emerald: Dear,
    u need to perform n go to nashik
    becz by home remedies, its nvr completely removed
    worship garud daily
  • gem_nitya: A devotee, HELLO :) Welcome to "MY ASTROLOGY SIGNS"
    Dear, you have posted your query to my blog.
    Dear, post your question [b]PROPERLY WITH YOUR COMPLETE BIRTH DETAILS[/b] to the forum.
    Thank u
  • Sneh: Good information .tells more about the topic.
  • ramchandra: good information and helpful to others.
  • ramchandra: good information and helpful to others. it is a very interesting site and better managed. besides astrology I have primary interest for forming a group of people who may in a planned and united manner shall act for total welfare of all.
  • Rajesh Shukla: Good article in the grah nastra.But above plant are benefited in lot of diseases in the ayurved.And this is more benefited for more planted every years along with family this is more benefited for happy life.Plant is our life which gives us life and also maintained the nature.Plant is part of our life.so i appeal and request more planted the plant and make his life happy.
  • vinayak jagtap: great information ,thanks
    vinayak j
  • vishnu: excellent wrok and do keep sharing such info. thanks and regards
  • yogesh soni: Very informative
  • V.S.Rajah: Information about PEEPAL tree is Wonderful . YOUR Detailed Article is rally Amazing . It Clears all Our Doubts . Thank You .. Thank YOU !!!
  • Amarvir Singh: your article is very interesting. it is the expereince of many that offering water to peepal tree has many benefits. God is present in every atom of creation so worship of any object reaches God within it. Whole univerese is the form of God.
  • Zuhaib: Gr8t information....well done...plants give life and those give life is considered as god.......save plants....and have respect for plants........in hindinuism some plants are of great importance....whatever the religion plants should taken care of....
  • meena: after giving away 5 people the money tree from my yard,,now i just read not to give any,,just worried now..very curious abt the peepal tree,,just got on e frpm the temple and planted in front of the house..
  • jaya: tell in which direction/side it may plant
  • D:

    Interesting to read. Thank you. I have no own experience to speak of but have read that Peepal, Neem , Tulsi all give out oxygen almost 20 hours out of 24... If so, being around these trees is surely so beneficial, after all the richer the supply of oxygen we breathe , our bodies should happier and healthier...

  • Sukumar: Good article and interesting comments.
    Best is to pray while watering the plants and also trimming or cutting them.
  • Suraj: This comment is exclusively for "Zafar" . My comment will be entirely out of the subject related to this post. But it will aid for Mr. Zafar to understand what is meant by belief. Zafar said it is not knowledgeable to worship plant ok fine, Mr. Zafar answer my simple question, Do you ever visited Mecca if not you should have seen it on TV. Why people touch and pray , circle around a stone . I hope if you answer this question you got the answer for worshiping plants ....

    The answer is its only the Belief = GOD
  • zafar: Dear Suraj.
    First of all I would like to thank you for for going through my post.
    To get precise answer of your query you must have deep knowledge of Islam.
    First of all you must understand that Muslims never rotate around Kaba for in beleif that it could give them any benefit or harm. Islam is based on fundamental that this whole universe is created by a supreme power and he has created Human beings for his worship and to introduce himself to us He has regularly send his messenger. Abraham was one of the Great Messenger who laid the foundation of KABA and is just to unite all muslim and to bring them in one direction. Se during Our Namaz how odd it will be if some one is facing to east, some North and some other directions. And you can see Qaba is in centre of the world so every muslim faces the same direction. We touch that stone for just the sake that Abraham laid the foundation of it .It is very simple as GOD has created man and has given all knowledge through other men. Like electric bulb has given by Edison like scientest scholars and other great men who has given us a lot similiarly to acknowledge about himself he has sent many messenger Like Jusus, Mosses and our last one was Muhammad. It is just similiar like that GOD first given us light by rubbing the stones and before it we were in dark and finally after a lot of inventions like candle and other sources of fire a final electic bulb was given by Edison.There is all and it is our wish to enlighten ourself through the rubbing stone, electric bulb or remain in dark.
  • Amina Abdul Shaikh: Mr zafar you are hiding the Truth, kaba is a place where we Muslims rotate anticlock wise around the black stone. And I think its none other than Shivaling. The Shiva means the supreme god. Our Allah . the name given by Arabs. According to me Allah see all of us and we have to thank every thing for doing their duties. If we are thanking paracetamol for doing its work then there is no harm in it. Allah hu Akbar, shaitan e zagir
  • zafar: Dear Amina.
    Have you gone through Quran and you beleive that the black stone is ALLAH. You are totaly in dark.
    Go and recite Sureh Nur and what you mean by supreme GOD there is no GOD but ALLAH only one GOD so from where the supreme comes.
  • neeta gajeshwar: Very nice plants God’s all information
  • lakshmi narayan: sir , which hindu diety niwas in the tree rrot of babool ?
  • Logical Indian: THEY Dont want you to worship Creatures of God Like Plants Animals etc ...Becoz how will they Eat ? Take the Name of God God and Cut Animals Fill stomach and Eat Meat ....God Had created universe and All creations are Mine ...I will eat them ..is there perception ...Hindus Perception God has created the Universe ..we know what is right what is wrong ...we will worship them ..

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