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Simply and Easy remedies for getting a job, moving to a new job, clearing debits, getting back ... by Bhalajee
I am constantly observing many members and guests raising queries about the above aspects,. Even though I have already given remedies for quite a number of members/guests both in forum and in PMs, I would like to keep the Remedies openly ...
Atmakaraka n Ishta Devata by Prashasth Bhushan
Atmakaraka is derived from two sanskrit words "Atma" which means soul and "karaka" means work. Thus, atma-karaka may be defined as a souls work in our present incarnation. As per Vedic astrology, we incarnate only because of our previous life's ...
Rahu n Ketu- virtual yet powerful by Prashasth Bhushan

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Hi everyone,We have completed the transition to the mobile supporting version. We would very much like to hear what you think, in particular the weaker points.Thanks,Mickey.
by admin - 2 days ago
My birth place is basti, uttar pradesh
by monika shukla - 3 hours ago
my birthday is on 11th may 1994,time is 10.24 am
by sushmita - 5 hours ago
Hi Sir i am high manglik dosha girl and i truly want to marry my boyfriend who is non manglik we love each other a lot and cannot live without each other. Please help us sir. We are really ...
by Guest - 5 hours ago
Thank you sir. But equally true I did not get this .
by si. - 5 hours ago
You should wear pearl in silver on your right hand little finger on Monday morning before 10 AM. Blessings, Navneet Khanna Astrologer
by Navneet Khanna - 5 hours ago
Sir my dob is 10/10/84 come to know I am maglik. How my married life and career life will be. I am quite qualified will have enough resources to sustain my life? Or will be able to settle ...
by SI - 5 hours ago
My name is samreen fatma my date of birth is 2nd january 1997 my birth place in bihar.i want to know my future husband name.my birth time is 3am on friday
by Guest - 5 hours ago
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