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Worship Lord Saturn for Getting Job and Promotion and Success in Career : by blue sapphire
Worship Lord Saturn for Getting Job and Promotion and Success in Career : Worship Lord Saturn (Shani dev Ji) : Lord Saturn is the significant planet for employment and livelihood. Saturn directs our aim, determination, inspiration, career, ...
Here are some simple tips to follow for an early marriage by Bhalajee
Dear friends,I am continuously seeing many queries by many youngsters and even a few byparents regarding marriage. Hence, I am hereunder mentioning afew tips to follow for early marriage. 1) Gauri Shanker Rudraksha representative of Lord Parvathi ...
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It takes some time to get used to. Now I sometimes see the site in the old version and sometimes in the new and I like the new better. It looks better and doesn't really affect the ...
by jade - 6 hours ago
Please let me know regarding career, and relationships. As stated in the attachement: DOB: 14-Oct-93 POB: New Delhi, India TOB: 11.10AM Gender: Female ...
by Natal Chart - 17 minutes ago
Sir, i am lawyer. Em paasing dis year frm law faculty, b.h.u(banaras hindu university) . Please look into my horscope again sir bcz yu r d first one to say dat my chances r weak. Earlier ...
by manish chandra - 1 hour ago
thanx a lots navneet ji and my job is going gud but earns not gud . thanx
by sapphires - 3 hours ago
my name is sandhya singh dob is 16 January 1990 in delhi at 9:00 pm, i want to know about my govt job and my marriage year/ lv or arrange, as i m manglik so is there ny prob
by Guest - 4 hours ago
My date of birth is 31/10 /1985 which muhurat is best for opening shop in June 2015
by Guest - 5 hours ago
Bacche ka janm doiphar 12 baje 12 april 2015 ko huaa pls nam or rashi batao
by Guest - 6 hours ago
Navneet sir....
by shahi - 6 hours ago
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