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Basic Concept for Horoscope Matching by archana bajpai
horoscope matching concept.png
Basic Concept for Horoscope Matching what are the basic concept of Horoscope Matching beside the Ashtkoot Milan. as we all know Ashtkoot score consist of Varan (work) - 1/1 Vasya (Dominance)- 2/2 Tara (Destiny) - 3/3 Yoni (Mentality) - 4/4 ...
Kaal Purush by Mohanlal
Kaal purush
Aries ascendant chart is known as kaal purush kundli. It is our natural zodiac of 27 nakshatras and 12 signs.It derives many of formulas for basic astrology.It applies to charts of all ascendants. First house and its lord represents ...
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Thanks Mohanlal ji .Please keep on lighting the world with your excellent write-ups. really I appreciate you ,Thanks
by archana bajpai - 10 hours ago
Attention all bloggers! Our Blogger of the Month contest with a prize of a $25 gift card is now open for November! Get your keyboards ready because the blogger whose featured post receives ...
by jade - 2 days ago
Hlo sir My name is Sarbjit My DOB is 23 June 1997 @ 22:30 (Patiala ,Punjab) Someone said my kundali is very good will you please tell me do i have gaj kesari or budh aditya yoga Thanku
by sarb - 4 minutes ago
hello sir. can i get some idea about this detail. for eg raaj yoga or dhan yoga. how will rahu shani do. dob 1980 may 8 nawalparasi nepal 0600 am
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Hi i am born June 22 1989 5.51 pm Secunderbad,India. How will be my 2017 year ? Please give some analysis on my chart.
by Vijayvadali - 2 hours ago
Sukanya phukan His name : nilutpal borah
by Sukanya phukan - 3 hours ago
Hi. Will i get married to my bf? My details: Name: sukanya phukan dob: 17/10/1990 Pob: assam, guwahati Time: 10pm His details: Name: nilutpal borah Dob: 12/10/1986 Pob: assam, dibrugarh ...
by Sukanya - 3 hours ago

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