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Is your guna milan score low? by ankit30
A lot of us prefer going to pandits and astrologers for getting guna milan scores and before getting married. But, when the marriage fails, the question arises how is it possible when the kundalis matched?? So does your guna milan score really ...
Karma and Astrology by Facilitator
There must be a reason behind the Creation. Creation is more powerful than Creator as He himself never breaks the rule. And we all are here. We are experiencing life. When we experience life, the chart becomes more active. To make this much more ...

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by admin - 4 hours ago
My date of birth is 19.4.1991 10.15 pm at Ooty. Do I have mangalaya dhisam
by Sowmya - 4 minutes ago
mala don muli aahet mala aata mulga honyasati upay sanga plz
by Guest - 17 minutes ago
Mari shadi Kab **** ge Kis Ke sath ,naam Kiya h Mehreen 8 July 1990
by Guest - 18 minutes ago
I want to see astrology for me and my lover jathagam. They have said he will die if he marry me.becoz i have mangalik dosha
by Guest - 18 minutes ago
Kindly explain 8 th rule.. I have high Mangal dhosam it seems.. can u check any manglik cancellation in my horoscope.. my birth date 1/10/1990 birth time 10.30am birth place kanchipuram
by Guest - 38 minutes ago
Hi I am girl with high manglik dosh but me I want to marry with non manglik ...we truly love each other Please help me Is there any way that I can do nd I can marry with my lover Here ...
by Guest - 40 minutes ago

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