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Love Marriage - Role of Venus by archana bajpai
Love marriage 5th,7th 11th house.png
Love Marriage - Role of Venus As we all know, the 5th house is the house of desire, our wishes, children, and the 7th house is the spouse and the 11th house is for gains and fulfillments. . If the fifth house or planets sitting in 5th house and ...
Financial status after marriage may change by dinaik84 astro
Hello and Namashkar to everyone Financial status after Marriage Financial status after marriage may change after marriage due to the compatibility of stars. Financial status can be affected in a good or a bad way after marriage because the ...
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Hi Sir, Facing a lot of problems in my marital life, is it going to be better in future? When we will have children? Please help Details: Name: Brahmaji Dob: 1/11/1979 Time :7:30 am ...
by Rads123 - 2 minutes ago
what would be financial status for coming 3 yrs.? my date of birth is 15.08.1970, time of birth is 10.10pm,saturday, place of birth ,kolkata,westbengal
by ANIRBAN ROYCHOWDHURY - 2 minutes ago
Hello pandit jee My date of birth is 29/08/1994 Born place -Jamui (Bihar) Maine kal din ke sapne me ek bada kala saap dekha aur usse ek aadmi jo ki mere bagal me tha usse maar raha tha ...
by Sapne me bada kala saap ... - 17 minutes ago
my date of birth is 7 april,1984 i want to know my future for carrer...marriage...
by vaidehi - 18 minutes ago
kuch nhi bhut kuch hai maal hai bhut saaara
by pooja - 19 minutes ago
i want to know my future for money...and marriage...when i will get married
by vaidehi - 22 minutes ago
Sorry Jupiter rules sir I didn't intend to fight with you. My apologies if I said anything wrong to you.I didn't intend to say anything wrong about you.
by Guest - 31 minutes ago

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