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To promote peace and happiness in a Husband - Wife relationship by SumanHandReader
I got lots of queries regarding disturbances with husband - wife relations. It's very sad to know that after marriage, one of them wants to separate or divorce. Whether it is an arranged or a love marriage, separation still breaks every heart, ...
Remedy for delay in marriage by SumanHandReader
Jai Mata Di, This is my first blog and I came up with very simple remedy which can be used by even a lay person. When we're not getting married on time, then we and our parents rush to the pandits and do lots of remedies, and probably most of ...
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Sorry forgot to specify the time its 5:50 PM
by Kavitha K - 3 minutes ago
Mera naam heena h meri date of birth 2/1/1988. Mere shadi kisse hogi or kaha hogi love marriage hogi ya arrenge marriage
by Guest - 3 minutes ago
Most of them are True. How about the switching the current job and getting the new job? when do you think all the mentioned problems will goes off and start with good time.
by reply - 10 minutes ago
When I will get married, born on 25 july 1979,time 5am, place -lucknow
by Guest - 21 minutes ago
hii. I need a solution for Kundali not matching, we have an nadi dosh plz give us solution... plzzzz
by Guest - 23 minutes ago
boy-1st sep 1986 at 8.26 am in chandannagar girl-2nd jan 1992 at 11.07am in bhadreswar I know there is bhookut and gana dosa. is it major problem?Boy is under a govt sector but ...
by guest - 25 minutes ago
Greetings: Child is born under Lagna- Leo, Rashi - Gemini, Nakshatra- Mrigshira-3 and Gana is Deva. Name can start with 'Ka'.
by ravinderccmb - 27 minutes ago

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