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Here, in this present posting, I am introducing to all, a few magical words, called "Switch Words" which work miraculously for the purposes mentioned thereon, thus making life smoother & better in day to day living. I will continue to mention every now & then a few of these switch words. NOTE:- Please do not search for the meaning or even at times the spelling, instead use as it were ...

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I would like to know when will I be going through Rahu Dasha. What are the pros and cons about it. Thank You in Advance
by Anil Kumar K.R - 53 seconds ago
My dob 14-10-1992 my partner dob 25-04-1987 .. When will we get married.. And is there any problem regarding our marriage and after marriage happiness
by sanghamitra nandi - 1 minute ago
where is silchur...? can u pl give its state/district or its coordinates..?
by shweta2014 - 2 minutes ago
where have u posted ur birth data..?
by shweta2014 - 4 minutes ago
why don't u join... its free... and then send me a private message, with a link to this post....again its free
by shweta2014 - 6 minutes ago
in marriage small small disputes talk n communicate, otherwise, u both will jst become far from each other!! in career,start independent practice from may 2015: u will rise
by lucky emerald - 21 minutes ago
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