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In Hindu Philosophy Atma is the Soul which is present in each and every being, and is a part of Universal Soul called Brahman or Paramatma, who is worshiped in different forms as Gods and Goddesses. In ...
What is Prashna Kundli? by shweta2014
What is Prashna Kundli? Prashna Kundli is the chart made at the instant of placing a query before an astrologer, and is known to be quite accurate, if the query raised is very important for the person who is asking the question... However, this ...
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8 days left, we just need one more blog :D
by Vale - 2 days ago
Try worshiping Jupiter. Begin reciting the mantra below 108times daily. Start it on thursday Om Strim Brahm Brihaspataye Namah
by Jupiter Rules - 6 minutes ago
You have divorce and separation in your chart.
by Jupiter Rules - 24 minutes ago
People who was born in that year mostly have debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn itself. It's not only for you.As seen from horoscope you are running through sun mana dada with mars ...
by Jupiter Rules - 31 minutes ago
by M - 1 hour ago
I have to do either of them or both? I hope it will not harm anyone. She is not my mother in law till now but even she becomes or not I don't want to hurt anyone.
by Ashish/Jyotsna - 1 hour ago
Nancy Costello 08:38 am 11-22-2016 Auburn NY.Will James Stacy Barbour start a new friendship with me in 2017?
by Nancy Costello - 2 hours ago

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