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"Money Triangle"- the indicator of wealth in palmistry by Prashasth Bhushan
This video is about the "Money Triangle" which is considered as one of the most important indicators of Money or Wealth on the palm. I have tried to cover various aspects related to the "Money Triangle". Hope you all like it. In case you want ...
What are Gandantha Points in Horoscope ? by archana bajpai
What are Gandantha points in a Horoscope ? Gandantha - Gand means knot and Antha means End. The ending and beginning point of certain Nakshatra are called Gandantha. These points are the junctions of Nakshatra.These are considered as most ...

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Can Moola Nakshatra Boy marry Moola Nakshatra Girl? My DOB : 2 june 1988 @2pm (Nellore) Her DOB: 20 Aug 1991 @9am (Nirmal)
by Guest - 4 minutes ago
Hi..... My name is Sumit My DOB 09/03/1988 Time 12.32 A.M. Place Hoshangabad MP can you tell me if there is good yogas for IAS IPS and any other government job.
by Guest - 1 hour ago
Boy -: 20march,1989 Place-: kota Time-: 1:19:12 am Girl -: 23june,1993 Place-: jaipur Time-: 1:37 pm Girl has low mangal
by Rakesh - 2 hours ago
meri shadi kis sy hogi os ka name kb **** gi ye b bta do plzzz jaldi bta dain abhi
by Guest - 2 hours ago
She is 29 years old now Her birth date is Aug 29th 1987 Saturday at4:55pm Gender female Place of birth Mysore, Karnataka, India Thank you
by Guest - 2 hours ago
Maine sapne me shivling aur ganesh ji k murti dekhe jo bad me tut gaye iska kya matlb h:( :( :(
by Guest - 2 hours ago
My name is Meher Lalitha Dob jan20 1992 Tob 10.33am POB kakinada My hubby survepalli venkata sai karthik Dob oct30 1985 Tob 11.15am POB proddutur Please let me know when cn I conceive and ...
by Meher lalitha - 2 hours ago

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