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Planets And Their Representation (Mars) by dinaik84 astro
MARS Mars represents Sports, Land, Strength, Kingship, Thief, Battle, Hostility, Enemy, Love for deep red things, Affection, King, Fool, Anger, Firmness Supporter, Day, Sky, Fame, Lin, Sword, Minister, Owning a garden, Bike, Wound, Generosity, ...
Planets and their representation (SUN) and (Moon) by dinaik84 astro
SUN Sun represents - The Soul, Power, Father, Strength, Lord Shiva, Bone, Grass, Belly, Forest, Bitterness, Land, Travelling, Dealing, King, etc. Sign is - Leo The sun rays are connected with inner rays of human beings. The sun is the most ...
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sir also tell about mars placement in my kundali & how it ll affect my marital lyf.
by v - 10 minutes ago
sir mera name jaswinder singh h meri date of birth 7/12/1995 hai mujhe apna rashifal aur bhwisya k bare mai janna h pls give answer sir
by Guest - 12 minutes ago
Please suggest me good days for house moving one plase to another plase in May month
by srinivas - 30 minutes ago
Which is the good day for shifting in the name of Ananda kumar DOB : 22-04-1984
by Anand - 37 minutes ago
Your chart shows you are presently running Saturn mahadasa. During 2014-2015 there seem to have been major problems related to health and documents. There must have been increased mental ...
by ravinderccmb - 50 minutes ago
The present Antra period of Mercury is showing it is prone to miscarriage. The Venus mahadasa period from end of Dec 2016 seems to be favourable for pregnancy.
by ravinderccmb - 1 hour ago
Your present period from2013 seems to be very good for studies. Present period is weak for marriage. You are presently running Antra period of Rahu. The next antra of Jupiter is also weak ...
by ravinderccmb - 1 hour ago
Your chart shows there seem to be some problem or obstacles in studies and relationship during 2014-2015. From October 2015 period seem to be good for studies. If these match with your ...
by ravinderccmb - 1 hour ago
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