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Transit of Mars for Gemini and Virgo by Navneet Khanna
Mars is the planet of courage and it is the planet of initiative. The desire to do something comes from Mars. It is also the planet of aggression and hastiness. It is the planet of blood and war. Mars is transiting the sign Cancer from today. As I ...
Struggle for Existence, Existence for Struggle: The Truth Beyond the Horoscope by Bhalajee
Dear friends, On the outset, I would like to apologize for not continuing with the previous blog on the same lines. I am coming up with a new angle (connecting the same subject as well), which I felt needed to be put forth before you. Recently, I ...
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We are going to test a new version which looks modern and still include the mentioned options. Thanks for the feedback :-)
by admin - 2 hours ago
The time I was born was around 6pm and I was born in New Orleans Louisiana.
by Michael Christopher ... - 6 minutes ago
I am def not that type to waste time with men when I don't know their intentions or feel like my needs aren't fulfilled but this Cancer man has me going absolutely crazy! When we are ...
by Loyalarieslady - 8 minutes ago
Can I go abroad Born on October,23rd 1986 Syed sumayya banu
by syed sumayya banu - 1 hour ago
Mukesh kumar regar DOB 3/4 march 1988 Birth place BHINDER (24.5000° N, 74.1800° E Bhinder, Udaipur, Coordinates) marital status : married (07/05/2014) i am not sure about my birth time.i ...
by regar - 1 hour ago
Hi my date of birth is 23.7.1978 time: 10.14 am in agartala(Tripura) m tensed about my career and marriage. kindly suggest
by Guest - 1 hour ago
D.O.B-27/03/1991 Time-4:30pm Place-Kolkata(calcutta), West Bengal, India I am currently doing PhD in Computer Science. I want to know about my Moon Mahadasha (which I think would start ...
by Biplab - 2 hours ago
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