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Here, in this present posting, I am introducing to all, a few magical words, called "Switch Words" which work miraculously for the purposes mentioned thereon, thus making life smoother & better in day to day living. I will continue to mention every now & then a few of these switch words. NOTE:- Please do not search for the meaning or even at times the spelling, instead use as it were ...

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Hi , my name is Shayan , my problem is about my education career please help me regarding this
by Guest - 4 minutes ago
i have dhanu lagna,10 th lord merqury in lagana in mool nakshtra,jupiter in lagna with merqury, saturn in 11th house swati nakshtra making wish yoga with moon in 5th house. ans saturn ...
by Guest - 9 minutes ago
My husband is very much possessive for his room his laptop every thing which is belonging to his room.he love me very much too.but he has very dominating nature.l can not go alone ...
by Guest - 23 minutes ago
my place of birth is mithapur gujrat.friday in afternoon.but i've not my birth time details properly.
by Guest - 24 minutes ago
Hi this is Alok tiwari,can i know my rashi and about my future.my date of birth is 11-DEC-1992.
by Guest - 27 minutes ago
Hi My dob is 14/02/87. Simha rashi magna nakshatra first pada Place of birth Jamshedpur Time if birth 1:1am How many kids will I have When will I have my first kid. Will I have a son
by Madhuri - 53 minutes ago
as per your chart yes for education purpose like in it sector, something related to electronics, computers, you can go abroad. try in the time period of 21 july to 15-sep-2014.
by rajeshbabbar - 54 minutes ago
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