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Worship the Peepal tree (Ficus religiosa) and stay blessed in your life... :) :) :) by blue sapphire
The Peepal tree has been worshiped for a very long time in our society.It is also known as Ficus religiosa.In Astrology, the Peepal tree is greatly related with the planet named Jupiter.Jupiter is known as the King of the Gods and is considered to have great importance in our lives when it remains in our house of horoscope for a period of one whole year during its transit.Jupiter is beneficial planet and a natural significator of good health, luck, fortune, child birth, wisdom. For females, ...

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dear guru ji first thank to myastrology signs I am civil engineer ..which are best for me business or job ? which kind of. which time for start business ..any govt . job chance in my ...
by jaibhai - 1 second ago
please say me my future marriage date n my future husband name Dob 29 .11.1988 time 9 :45 pm Place Adipur Gujarat gender female
by Guest - 12 minutes ago
please say my future marriage date dob 29 .11.1988 place Adipur Gujarat time 9:45 pm
by Guest - 15 minutes ago
In which finger to worn horse shoe ring for sani problem. Manoj kabra
by Guest - 18 minutes ago
HI A court case was lodged against me and i am going through lot of hardship and my family is facing problems due to it.By what time will this problem come to an end?? i request you to ...
by aamir - 21 minutes ago
I will tell u when change happen :) I wanna do something :)
by nicole - 24 minutes ago
21st April 1961 at 1205hrs at Tirupathi. attending interview on 29th April 2014 for a teaching post in a university. What are the chances to get success
by Guest - 25 minutes ago
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