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Shubh planets generally behave auspiciously in Kendra and trikond even when they are lord of paap houses. We know that Saturn is good in the 11th house, but why does Saturn in the 12th house give shubh effects? (In mitr rashi, shubh prabhav) ...
Manglik Dosh whether it gets cancels or not. by rajeshbabbar
Manglik Dosh does occur when Mars is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th Houses from the Birth, Moon and Venus charts. But, whether this Manglik Dosh gets cancelled or not, well, there are different notions about this. Some Astrologers ...
Life and Hardwork by Knowledge Seeker

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Will this name sute me pratiksha
by Hemanth - 9 minutes ago
the boy will be very good boy, his name contains 5 letters,first letter is s and last letter is r. i have 10 years experience in astro, i belief god. god bless you sayantani
by rd - 11 minutes ago
My name is C.H. Sudershan Rao born on 23rd August 1985 at 19:10 hours, when will I get married??????????????
by Guest - 25 minutes ago
when is marriage yog there and wil it be a love marriage? female 4-6-89 4:15pm chennai
by shiva kumar - 33 minutes ago
Navneet Sir, Please help me.
by nikita - 48 minutes ago
Girl's details Birth date :16 February 1986 Time :11 :15a.m Place :dabhoi, VADODARA
by Nirav - 1 hour ago
hello sir this is Karishma. My dob is 27-12-1992 place of birth is Varanasi and timing is 18:30(6:30 pm). I want to know about my love life. There is a love triangle in my life but I want ...
by karishma - 1 hour ago
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