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Astrology and Theory of Karma by rayofhope
ASTROLOGY AND THEORY OF KARMA Vedic Astrology is closely related to theory of Karma.So we first need to understand what is Karma we are all talking about. There is a beautiful Sanskrit Verse written by revered Hindu Philosopher and Sanskrit scholar Sri Shankaracharya,called “Bhaja Govindam”.Here is an extract: “punarapi jananam punarapi maranam punarapi jananii ...

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Sir, My Birth details are- DOB-10May1978, Time-2:09PM, Place- Dehradun, Kindly provide my time of marriage & permanent job I will look forward for your response, Thank You Alok Sharma
by Alok - 6 seconds ago
by Guest - 1 minute ago
Hello sir I'm sachinsaxena married for komal Sagar she is manglik but I'm non manglik plss sir ask me solution Sachin dob-1989 dec 4 Komal dob-1991 apirl 19
by Guest - 6 minutes ago
Hi. Please help . M unable to conceive it's been 5 years of marriage . DOB 13.05.82 . Time 21;40pm . Chandigarh . Please look at my chart and tell some remedies .. Thanks a lot .
by Guest - 9 minutes ago
she is offline at present would reply u . U can send her a pm after joining if u wish
by miss24 - 10 minutes ago
D.O.B: 13 july 1991 Birth time: 11:29 am Place: Patiala Sign: Cancer
by Inderjeet Singh Salh - 10 minutes ago
in your chart Jupiter is in 2 no sign with Moon, in 7th house, as per your chart Jupiter will give you problems in relations, problems in finance. Jupiter is neech in makra rashi.and moon ...
by rajeshbabbar - 16 minutes ago
Meri shadi kab **** gi. D O B 12 .12. 1976 time 9.30.am. Gender male from delhi
by Guest - 18 minutes ago
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